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Hampshire’s Most Renowned Hog Roast Caterer

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For ten years we have been helping people in the Hampshire area with their catering needs. Many of our customers ask us to cater for their wedding and subsequently want us back for christenings and anniversary dinners. We have a lot of repeat corporate customers too who ask us to cater for their team building events and Christmas parties.

Our team makes sure that all of the hard work of catering for your even is taken care of. This means that all you have to do is browse through the menus and dishes we offer and choose the ones you want.

We take all of the hard work out of organising the catering for your event and your partygoers will experience something a bit different from the usual party platters. The chefs at Hog Roast Hampshire work hard to keep their menus fresh and interesting with the finest, locally sourced ingredients. They also offer other roast meats, as well as a range of Indian, Chinese and Mexican finger foods that to help you cater for any event.

Hog Roasts are a Great Choice Regardless of the Occasion

Hog Roast Hampshire

By hiring us to cater for your event in the Hampshire area your lucky, hungry guests will be treated to a five star catering experience with some truly delicious and unforgettable food. We will provide a 6 hour spit roasted hog or another alternative meat of your choice, with a range of some truly unforgettable sides and accompaniments.

We take care of everything from the preparation, cooking, serving and even the washing up! We will leave your event quickly and discreetly allowing you and your guests the chance to continue partying and enjoying your celebrations. Hog Roast Hampshire would be delighted to offer it’s excellent catering services to you here in this brilliant county!

Hog Roast Hampshire – Professional Caterers

The county of Hampshire complete with it’s rolling green fields, majestic castles and thatch roofed cottages is one which the team here at Hog Roast Hampshire are forever in awe of. Situated in the South of the country, Hampshire boasts the impressive credentials of an extensive, beautiful coastline, a fantastic city rich in heritage and culture and peaceful countryside.

Until we launched Hog Roast Hampshire, we think that perhaps the only aspect this incredible county didn’t already have was: A highly skilled, extensively experienced catering team with years of experience and knowledge in the culinary art of spit roasting. We are passionate about providing professional quality service alongside our delicious, expertly cooked food. What better combination!

If you are planning a big event in the Hampshire area, we can provide you with some great food. Our hog roast team knows how to set up a feast that your guests will be talking about for weeks after your party. When you hire us, you are guaranteed to get excellent food for a great price.

Hire the best Hog Roast Machine’s in Hampshire

On the day of your party our professional Hog Roast Hampshire chefs will arrive early at your venue to ensure that everything is ready before your guests arrive. The hog and roast meats are cooked in good time to ensure that when you and your guests are ready to eat the meat is falling off the bone and steaming hot. We’ll also prepare and lay out all of the accompanying dishes.

Call us today to discuss your party with us and relax knowing that the catering is all taken care of.